Law360: “NYC Retirees Nab Class Status In Overcharged Copay Suit”


WMH partner Jake Gardener scored another victory on behalf of retired NYC workers.  On October 20, 2023, NY State Supreme Court granted WMH’s motion to certify a class of hundreds of thousands of retirees who were charged unlawful copays by the City and EmblemHealth.  This ruling will allow these elderly and disabled retirees to effectively obtain the monetary and non-monetary relief to which they are entitled.

Law360 interviewed Jake about the victory.  The article states:

Jacob Gardener, who represents the retirees, told Law360 that he’s grateful for the judge’s decision.  “Without class certification, hundreds of thousands of elderly and disabled retirees living on small, fixed incomes would be left to fend for themselves to obtain relief,” Gardener said.  “Given that all class members have been similarly harmed by the defendants’ identical violation of their shared contractual, statutory, and common law rights, class certification was a no-brainer.”

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