Milton Williams Spoke to The Buffalo News About Albany Campaign Financing Debate

The Buffalo news

Milton Williams spoke to The Buffalo News about the re-election campaign financing debate in Albany.

On Tuesday, the three chairs of a 2013 state anti-corruption commission wrote a letter urging Stewart-Cousins, Heastie and Hochul to adopt the program without delay. “In 2013, we concluded that ‘the need for reform, now, is clear,’ ” wrote the former co-chairs of the Moreland Commission to Investigate Public Corruption, Kathleen Rice, William Fitzpatrick and Milton Williams. “Ten years later, public campaign financing remains crucial to restore New Yorkers’ trust in their democracy. It cannot wait.” The letter was also signed by the panel’s former chief of investigations, Danya Perry.

“One of our goals with the Moreland Commission was to help level the playing field,” Williams said in an interview. “It’s our position that with adequate funding for New York’s program, it will be the most robust public campaign finance initiative in the country. We want to make sure it proceeds.”

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