Jim Walden Named to InsiderNJ’s 2019 “Insider 100: Policymakers”

Jim Walden has been named to InsiderNJ’s 2019 “Insider 100: Policymakers” list, the influential political news website’s annual ranking of lawyers, activists, insiders, analysts, legislative staff members, and lobbyists selected for the rigorous quality of their influence on public policy.

Walden is ranked #15 based on his work as Special Counsel to a Task Force established by Governor Phil Murphy, which is investigating the New Jersey Economic Development Authority’s controversial tax incentive program. Gov. Murphy created the Task Force and appointed Walden as Special Counsel following the release of the State Comptroller’s audit of the program which revealed startling deficiencies in monitoring and oversight. The Task Force’s mission is to further explore the findings of the Comptroller’s audit and provide the public with a full accounting of how and why basic controls were lacking in a program that left New Jersey taxpayers on the hook for up to $11 billion.

Now in its third year, the InsiderNJ’s “Insider 100: Policymakers” list mainly excludes current elected officials and judges but otherwise considers a broad range of political disciplines for distinction. The editors select those individuals noted for the work they do outside of elected office who seek to expand the capacities of the public’s collective dialogue on the future of NJ.

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